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What do we do?

The short answer is...WE MAKE FILMS.

We are an independent production company

based in Manchester, UK specialising

in short films.

As filmmakers, we believe that short films matter. 

A carefully crafted short film has an extraordinary capacity

to expand a viewers reality, deepen their moral sensibility

and shape a persons understanding of the world;

sometimes moving people closer to cultures, problems and

realities that are distant from the ones

they know and understand.

Alongside our roster of writers and directors, we KOLLAB'orate

with business', and use our filmmaking knowledge to KREATE

cinematic brand short films that create

an emotional connection with an audience.


By telling your brand's story in a cinematic way, this creates a powerful

emotional experience.  It is this emotional connection that can lead

to increased loyalty, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Discover how we can help you tell your brand story.

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